Old News is still Good News!

"And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided." Exodus 14:21 (more)
Old News is still Good News!

Dawn Kamin said she would expect opposition to the flying of the American flag in more liberal parts of the country, but not the suburbs of Memphis, Tenn. Kamin said she was ordered to removean American flag she'd posted. (more)
Old News is still Good News!

"It's not Armageddon,but it's close." The Europen Space Agnecy (ESA), NASA, the Secure World Foundation and others have been intently studying the skies lately--worrying about how to delect a potential planet-shattering asteroid. (more)

The question is not "how did the dinosaurs go extinct?" but "did the dinosaurs go extinct?" After the flood dinosaurs were faced with a hostile world; the canopy was gone and the climate had changed also. Man had begun to hunt them for food and also because they were becoming a menace. No one wanted to live next door to a dragon - which is the word they used for "dinosaur" before Sir Richard Owen invented the word dinosaur in1841 - so, as stated previously, the dragons were either ran off or hunted and killed.

The walls of the old city of Babylon (rebuilt in recent times under Saddem Hussein) had hundreds of pictures of lions and dragons on them.

Around 300 A.D., some of Alexander the Great's men were scared to death by dragons.
Around 200 A.D., Roman mosaics showed two long-necked dragons fighting. Around 1000 A.D., the Viking's ships had dragon heads on them. In 1572 A.D., an Italian farmer killed a dragon that was troubling his cows.

400 to 500 years ago, the definition of "dragon" in dictionaries stated that they are extremely rare though still living today. The town of Nerluc, France is named for a man who slew a dragon which was said to be "bigger than an ox and had long sharp horns on its head." This was probably a triceratops or similar dinosaur.

There are even pictures of dinosaurs carved on the walls of the Grand Canyon. In caves in Africa, there are paintings of long-necked dinosaurs chasing natives. In 1962 they discovered 50,000 stones - in Ica, Peru - of all sizes, with carvings of dinosaurs on them. Many of these had dinosaurs and men together, many times interacting. Dr. Cabrera, who discovered these stones, said, "There is no question man and dinosaurs lived together."

In Norway and Greenland during the great age of sailing ships there are thousands of sightings of sea monsters. In 1848 a 60 foot long sea monster was reported and the people were laughed at. There are reports of giant octopi pulling ships. In 1896 In St. Augustine, Florida, an enormous, five ton sea monster was reported.

There are many, many more reports of dinosaurs, and creatures that could possibly be considered dinosaurs, in recent times. We cover much more on this in our Seminar 3: Dinosaurs & the Bible.